Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture: The Frederick Bagley House; 1894

Frank Lloyd Wright, a famous American architect, began his career by designing traditional style homes with his own unique—and often geometric—touches. One such home is the Frederick Bagley home in Hinsdale, Illinois. Built in 1894, it, like many of Wright’s early designs, shows Wright’s determination to deviate from the traditional homes of the era.

Early Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture: The Frederick Bagley House in Hinsdale, Illinois

When walking up to the home, visitors will notice that the Frederick Bagley home has the bones of a traditional Dutch Colonial designed house. That being said, Wright also strays from the traditional structure with several non-traditional features including an octagonal library off to the side and an elegant stone porch featured Palladian style columns.

Taking a deeper look into the exterior of the home, one should take note that the original stained shingles of the exterior have been replaced with standard white siding. At the bottom of the home, the basement window wells are comprised of marble stone. However, it should also be noted that marble can be found throughout the home, as Frederick Bagley was a marble importer.

Meanwhile, on the second story of the home, many will notice the three prominent rectangular dormers along with an unusual fourth rounded dormer peaking out above the far right dormer.

Upon entering the home, author William Allin Storrer (The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright: A Complete Catalog) states that the first floor layout of the Frederick Bagley home of 1894 “is [practically] a mirror image” of Wright’s Oak Park, Illinois home. Though the floor plan may be one of the only similarities.

The interior of the home features five bedrooms and a bathroom along with both an attic and a basement, complete with a laundry room. The two living room entrances feature full pocket doors and located on an interior wall of the living room is a fireplace; as Wright was known to design centrally located fireplaces in order to aid in keeping the house warm during the cold winter months.

William Allin Storrer adds that the home also features a modern kitchen, dining room, a rear enclosed porch and a detached pergola.

The Frederick Bagley House Today

Though the home is a Frank Lloyd Wright design and to many, an amazing piece of history, it is still a private home. Therefore, it is important visitors respect the privacy of the home’s current owners and avoid trespassing at all costs.