Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture: The George Blossom house; 1892

Frank Lloyd Wright produced hundreds upon hundreds of designs for various structures including apartment buildings, factory buildings, churches, businesses and single-family houses. During the first portion of his career, Frank Lloyd Wright was employed by a Chicago area architectural firm owned by Louis Sullivan and his partner, Dankmar Adler.

While employed, Wright was under contract not to produce any designs for clients outside of the firm. However, Wright pursued clients against the wishes of his boss, which lead to his dismissal from the company in 1893. One of these homes, often referred to as Wright’s “bootleg houses,” is the George Blossom House located in Chicago, Illinois.

Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture: The George Blossom house in Chicago, Illinois

Built in 1892, many have tried to define the style of architecture of the Blossom home. However, with the George Blossom house, Wright combined several different styles of architecture; therefore making true classification extremely difficult. However, at the same time, it resulted in an incredibly unique home. That being said, some will still attempt to classify the home as: colonial, Victorian, Romanesque, Queen Anne and even early Prairie style.

In the George Blossom home, Wright placed a centrally located living room. On the North end of the living room is a staircase, whereas on the Southern side of the living room, a Palladian style window is featured. The front entry of the home features a large porch with Roman or Palladian style columns, giving what some would call a Greek influence.

That being said, many also argue that the facade of the home appears to be of a colonial style, though the rear of the home contradicts the front with it’s Victorian or Queen Anne influences.

In addition, those who study Wright’s work also argue that hints of early Prairie style can be seen in various areas throughout the home, such as the hipped roof, which was lower than what would have traditionally been seen during that era.

Fortunately, the garage is considered to be much easier to classify. Built in 1907, the garage for the George Blossom home is considered to be early Prairie style.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Bootleg Homes: The George Blossom House Today

Today the George Blossom home is a privately owned residence. It is located next door to the Warren McArthur home, another bootleg house designed by Wright. Visitors who wish to see the early work of Frank Lloyd Wright can drive by; though it is recommended that visitors respect the privacy of the current owners.