Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture: The Mary M. W. Adams House, 1905

Frank Lloyd Wright is one of America’s most well-known architects to date. Throughout the earlier years of his lengthy career, he would produce several homes in and around the Chicago, Illinois area. Located in Highland Park, just north of Chicago, the Mary M. W. Adams house is one of Wright’s lesser-known works.

The Adams home, completed in 1906, was commissioned by a woman known as Mary M. W. Adams. She was 70 years old when she commissioned the house and unfortunately, she would only spend a few years living there before passing away.

Early Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture: The Mary M. W. Adams House in Highland Park, Illinois

Though it is lesser-known, the Adams house is still an important work. It is example of Wright’s evolved Prairie School style of architecture. The exterior of the home is composed of wood and stucco. Wright began choosing stucco over the cedar siding of his earlier homes, as stucco allowed him to achieve a clearly geometric shape for the home.

The Mary M. W. Adams house is an overall square design. Though the main shape is square, there are actually diagonal buttress corners on the home, which are meant to emphasize the low hipped roof and the overhanging eaves.

At a spacious 2,700 square feet, this home features four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms; including a master bathroom additional to the master bedroom—a modern convenience that was added over the years. The home also features a separate dining room, a full kitchen with a walk-in pantry, a living room, an enclosed porch and a detached two car garage.

Though the home has been updated and renovated throughout the years, it does still include the original windows and brass work. It also features quarter sawed oak floors throughout the home and the original Roman brick fireplace in the living room.

The Mary M. W. Adams House Today

In September 2010, the Mary M. W. Adams house was listed as a short sale at $519,000. In January 2011, the home has been sold. Prior to this, the home was put up for sale in 2006 for $699,000.

As are many of Frank Lloyd Wright’s works, the Mary M. W. Adams house is still a private family residence. Therefore, potential visitors should remain courteous and respectful of any current and future owners of the house.