Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture: The Warren Hickox House; 1900

In the first year of the 20th century, Frank Lloyd Wright had begun to perfect his Prairie style of architecture. Though it would continue to evolve throughout his career, this style of architecture would eventually become the most famous architectural style ever produced by an American architect. The Warren Hickox house, designed in 1900, is located in Kankakee, Illinois and it is part of a group of homes that were determined to be the beginning of Prairie style architecture.

Other homes included in this group of Prairie beginnings include the B. Harley Bradley house in Kankakee, the Rollin Furbeck house in Oak Park and the Isidore Heller home in Chicago.

Early Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture: The Warren Hickox House in Kankakee, Illinois

The Warren Hickox home is located next door to the B. Harley Bradley house. In fact, both of the home were built for Warren Hickox and his sister, Anna M. Hickox; who would become Mrs. B. Harley Bradley. The siblings inherited the land from their father.

When first commissioned, Wright visited the land and took note of the surrounding landscape. He designed the homes to compliment the surrounding landscape of the area outside of Chicago. Though the homes are often defined as the beginning of Wright’s Prairie style or even “pre-Prairie,” many also argue that the homes are actually a hodge-podge of several different architectural styles including Prairie, Tudor and Japanese.

Though there may be several different architectural styles present, the home does feature some of Frank Lloyd Wright’s design staples. This includes the overhanging eaves that Wright used frequently, as well as the art glass windows, which are also found in hundreds of Wright’s designs.

The Hickox home, sometimes referred to as the Hickox-Brown home, features an open floor plan. On either side of the home are octagonal bays, with a third octagonal bay in the rear of the home. There is a centrally located living room and fire place, the dining room on one side near the kitchen, which is located more toward the back of the home.

The Warren Hickox House Today

The Warren Hickox home was added as a contributing property in 1978 to the United States National Register of Historic Places. Though the home is an important part of the evolution of American architecture, it is still a private residence. That being said, it is important that any potential visitors realize that they need to respect the privacy of the current owners and trespassing should be avoided.