Modern Neo-Colonial Homes and Architecture

During the mid 1960s, the modern day style of architecture was just beginning. The word ‘neo’ literally means ‘new,’ so when placed in front of an older style of home, it translates into an updated version of that home. For example, there is the Neo-Mediterranean, the Neo-Eclectic, and the Neo-Colonial. The Neo-Colonial features many of the details found in historical Federal and Colonial homes as well as many modern updates and features.

Neo-Colonial or Colonial Revival

While it may be difficult for the untrained eye to distinguish the difference between a Neo-Colonial home and a Colonial Revival home - the difference can actually be quite obvious once one knows what to look for. Many Neo-Colonials feature a ‘great room’ as well as modern, high tech kitchens, luxurious spa-like bathrooms, updated grand fireplaces, and more.
Exterior Characteristics of Neo-Colonial Style Homes

The Neo-Colonial home takes on many of the characteristics of the traditional Colonial home. Both the traditional and Neo-Colonial feature a rectangular shape and can rise up three stories in overall height. There are also Neo-Eclectic versions of the Neo-Colonial, but their lack of a defined, rectangular shape keeps them from being a true Neo-Colonial.

The facade of the home features a center door and symmetrical windows. However, above the front door, many homes now feature a Palladian window. Generally, windows are double-hung and many of them can feature a semicircular fanlight or shutters on the exterior of the home. The exterior generally is composed of vinyl, brick, stone or various other materials included faux stone or faux brick.

Some homes, depending on the architect or homeowner’s preference, can feature a grand front porch. Some may add traditional dentil moldings instead. Both details, and more, can showcase the variety of differences in Colonial and Neo-Colonial homes.

Interior Characteristics of a Neo-Colonial Home

The interior of the Neo-Colonial features a large center entrance, or foyer. Traditionally, the living room as well as the kitchen and dining room are located within the first floor. Meanwhile, the bedrooms and various other rooms are located on upper floors. The homes can also feature a grand fireplace in the great room, as well as various other modern features.

The Neo-Colonial is just an updated version of a traditional American favorite. While the Neo-Colonial may not be around forever, there is no doubt that another Colonial style home will eventually rise in popularity. For many Americans, the Colonial, Colonial Revival homes, and the Neo-Colonial are representations of the American dream.