Neo-Eclectic Home Styles and Designs

Beginning in the 1960s, Neo-Eclectic homes began mixing and matching to create unique homes that were one-of-a-kind.

Today, Americans have the opportunity to design their own homes and incorporate several different details into their homes. When it comes to modern styles of architecture, there are a variety of choices available. Today, there are Neo-Colonials, Neo-Mediterraneans and so forth. Finally, the Neo-Eclectic has emerged to give Americans a unique home that can be truly be their own.

Characteristics of a Neo-Eclectic Home

The Neo-Eclectic is a home that incorporates a variety of styles into a single home. This particular style of home allows the homeowner to design a home that is uniquely and entirely their own. Chances are, with owner-designed Neo-Eclectic homes, there will never be another home like it. For a homeowner looking to be unique, the Neo-Eclectic is a dream come true.

Neo-Eclectic homes can bring with them a sense of style and uniqueness that spans centuries. These homes can include a Queen Anne turret, with mixtures of Mediterranean and Greek influences.

The exterior of these homes can use brick, stone, wood siding, vinyl siding and even faux materials. They can vary in height and size and there are no set rules for building a Neo-Eclectic home.

The interior of the Neo-Eclectic home can vary just as much as the exterior of the home. As with the outside, there are no set rules for how the inside of the home must be designed. Kitchens can be ultra-modern or rustic, just as bathrooms can be indulgent spas or quaint retreats.

History of Neo-Eclectic Homes

Neo-Eclectic homes began popping up in the mid 1960s and today can be found in regions and cities all across the United States. When architects began designing Neo-Eclectic homes, they allowed for the home buyer to choose from a variety of elements and styles that they would like to have incorporated into their homes.

Today, many have confused Neo-Eclectic homes with Post-Moderne homes. While they may appear to be similar to the untrained eye, they are truly nothing alike. The Neo-Eclectic home knowingly borrows from a variety of existing styles. Meanwhile, Post-Moderne homes are designed to be as different from the norm. A Post-Moderne home is an attempt to be the only design of it’s kind, while Neo-Eclectics willingly borrow.

Neo-Eclectic Homes and McMansions

McMansions are another version of the Neo-Eclectic home. These homes are often described as “over-sized and pretentious [and their name] implies that these homes are hastily assembled using cheaply-made materials and a menu of mix-and-match decorative details.”

Neo-Eclectic homes are a great example of the American melting pot. As with people, this home allows for the blending of several different styles, or "cultures" into one home.