Queen Anne Home Architecture from the 1800s

There are several variations of Victorian architecture, but none are as fabulous as the Queen Anne style.

When it comes to Victorian styles of architecture, there seems to be no end of possible style variations. Overall, many of the different Victorian style homes have several similarities; but are still have a uniqueness all their own.

Most famously, the similarities include lavish decor on both the interior and exterior of the home. Of all of the Victorian architecture that has emerged, the Queen Anne style is perhaps one of the most well-known and well-loved.

History Behind Queen Anne Architecture

In the mid 1800s, Queen Anne homes began popping up in England. However, the Queen Anne style of architecture didn’t become popular in America until the late 1800s. Thanks to recent technological advances of that time period, prefabricated architectural details (such as brackets, spindles, railings and more,) were widely available and increasingly affordable.

Ironically enough, the Queen Anne style of homes emerged during the reign of Queen Victoria. Even more ironic is that the style of architecture has no relative significance to the architecture from the reign of Queen Anne. Instead, the architecture was named because Queen Anne herself was a symbol of “elegance and grandeur.”

Characteristics of Queen Anne Architecture

There is no single example of perfect Queen Anne architecture. Overall, the style is difficult to define. Queen Anne architecture is generally lavish and comes in many different variations of elegance. The exterior of these homes varied as well, coming in brick, wood siding, stucco, terra-cotta, stone and more.

Most Queen Anne homes are recognized by at least a single turret, if not more. The turret is a little tower, reminiscent of a castle. It was no surprise that the Queen Anne style of architecture made homeowners feel as if their home was truly a castle.

However, not all Queen Anne homes featured a recognizable turret. Many homes were distinguished by their large wrap-around porches, bay windows and most importantly, their beautiful, lavish detailing.

The detailing of the Queen Anne could vary from region to region and even from home to home. It was not uncommon to see stained glass decorations, brackets, detailed spindle-work, dental moldings and patterned shingles. This also added to the difficulty in distinguishing a Queen Anne home from various other Victorian styled homes.

Famous Queen Anne Architecture

Some of the more famous of Queen Anne architecture includes the Painted Ladies of San Francisco, California. Of course, Queen Anne styles can be found all across the United States - whether they are fashioned as row-homes, single family homes, churches and so forth.